hello world

Hello world!

This is the blog that I said I would make 10 years ago. Appropriately named, welcome to my Hello World post.

hello world

TL;DR: I decided to create this blog to both document some of the clever work arounds and solutions I come up with and to hopefully save others some time if a google search has sent them here trying to solve similar problems.

Hello World – Introduction

One of my colleagues recently started blogging and I thought, “Wow this is great, I always said I should start my own blog.” I told my wife and reflected on all the times that I said I really should start writing things down. She is a firm believer of “walking the walk” instead of “talking the talk,” so that ended up being the kick in the pants I needed to get this started. I promise I didn’t start out by declaring that the world needed another tech blog! Anyhow if you are still reading this, then I hope I am able to help you the way that countless others have helped me along in my career by documenting some of the cool things they were working on.

In the past when I would come up with a fix for an error or problem, I would have that short sense of accomplishment you get when dropping that last piece in to complete a puzzle. I would smile and enjoy my victory for about a minute or two before immediately diving in to work on the next issue or backlog item. Some time would pass, and say 6 months down the road, I would come across an error with a vague sense of familiarity that I had seen it before. I would then begin the process of researching and troubleshooting, combing through old notes and bookmarks and usually come to the same conclusion.

I really need to keep better notes, I know I’ve seen and fixed this before.


Well here we are today and this is me trying to keep better notes by documenting some of the fixes and workarounds I discover.

Thanks for reading!

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